CALM®FLOOR - Reduce Building Vibration

CALMFLOOR dampers lead the construction world in building vibration reduction technologies. They are the first commercially off-the-shelf available devices for controlling building floor vibrations and each unit is packed with patent-pending highly innovative technology.  

At a mere 70kg total mass and 380mm height, each unit can fit around existing on- or under-floor services and is suitable for a wide range of building floors and structures. All whilst delivering staggering reductions in floor vibrations of up to 10x based on real-world tests.  

Through the same principle as noise cancelling headphones, CALMFLOOR includes a vibration sensor, real-time operating controller and powerful linear motors.  

Our proprietary control algorithms have been developed through years of academic and industry R&D and provide highly effective control of pedestrian-induced vibrations. Typical applications include commercial offices, retail, education, research and healthcare. They are particularly suitable for change-of-use applications where flexibility of space is critical. For other applications, we provide bespoke design solutions.